Someday My Prince Will Come … Really?


Dating is tricky anyway, but adding personal convictions and a strong belief system into the equation makes it even trickier. Being a Christian woman in today’s world is tough. It was hard when I was dating 25 years ago. The standards then were just as low as they are today. Yet, God’s standards call us to live by a higher morality. Our ways are not always God’s ways either. We all want to fit in and do what everyone else is doing, right? Going the opposite direction often leaves us without a lot of companionship or many friends. Nevertheless, for the Christian woman, there are still many options available that can help to remedy the situation.

I was always active in my youth group at church. After I graduated high school, I entered the world of young adulthood and singleness. If it wasn’t for church young adult programs, there literally would not have been a place for a Christian young woman to hang out and make like-minded friends. I really came to depend on these types of programs which are often available in the larger churches. It’s hard being the new girl on the block and just walking into such places cold turkey. But I did it, and I’m none the wear for it. I made great friends and learned the value of networking among multi-denominational Christians.  Remaining open-minded even within your own basic religious belief structure and church organization is important; especially when seeking out Mr. Right.

And yes, it is perfectly fine to attend young adult programs at different churches for the specific purpose of meeting potential dating beaus. In fact, I give you my permission if that is what you are needing. I did it for years. After all, how are you going to know if you never try? How will you ever get asked out, if you never put yourself in the appropriate settings?  After dating all kinds of guys – Christian and non-Christian – for several years, meeting them randomly in good and bad settings, nightclubs included, I finally decided I was looking for love in all the wrong places. So I created an action plan to find the man of my dreams in the kind of place I would expect to find him; the kind of places I saw myself  attending if  I were married. These were places I was accustomed to and desired to visit. I figured if I couldn’t find him there, then how was I to know he went to church at all or was serious about his own Christian faith? This is definitely something to consider before dating anyone. I’ve added a poll to this blog just to see what you think. Please answer it below and leave a comment explaining your answer.


Londa Hayden

P.S. For more strategies and dating tips for Christians, pick up your copy of Date, Pray, Wait. Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and e-book formats.


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