When joining an online dating service such as Christian Mingle or eharmony, there are good and bad things to consider. How do you know the person’s profile you are looking at online is anything like that in real life? They could post a picture of anyone and say it’s them. So you’ve been communicating back and forth through emails for several weeks and you feel it’s time to take this relationship to the next level by arranging a meet and greet in a public place. Maybe you’ll get lucky? 


But then again, maybe not!


Meeting in a very public place is the smartest thing to do. Because until you have met in person, both of you are basically still complete strangers who happen to be well acquainted with each other. Then again, so could a serial killer or sexual predator browsing online for that matter. Even so, meeting in public is still a very safe way to find out if this person is really who they say they are online. Of course, pray about this first and be willing to listen to your inner voice and gut instincts. If you have any misgivings or red flags start to wave, then say a polite goodbye and make a quick exit. Or better yet, go to the restroom and call a friend to ask them to call you with an emergency or to come and rescue you. Don’t let that person walk you the car either. Just leave on your own. 

You may want to ask a friend to accompany you to avoid any awkward encounters or unwanted advances. Always carry pepper spray or mace in your purse and/or on your key chain at all times. This is a dangerous world we live in folks, so take every precaution before falling prey to a sick-minded person. 

For more on dating, pick up a copy of “Date, Pray, Wait” – available on Amazon.comBarnes & Noble, and in ebook formats.

Dating Online Can Be Risky


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