New Year’s Eve Date? Yikes!!!


Is having sex with a random stranger really all that great? How awkward, unromantic, and non-committal. (Not to mention the possible STD left behind.) But I guess some people don’t care about all that. They just want the sex or to say they had sex. Chalk another mark up on the bedroom wall. Yeah, you! And just how happy are you with no one to really care about you besides your parents, maybe? No one to even call the day after and ask to go to the movies or out on a ‘real’ date, besides a girlfriend, maybe? How exactly does that work for you? Is “Sex in the City” really the lifestyle you want? If you are a complete control freak, I guess so. In actuality, my guess is you’re a pretty lonely person.

That empty, lonely feeling overwhelms at times. All the sex in the world can’t take that away either. Sex, drugs, or any other worldly substance can only provide a temporary fulfillment and very temporary at that. In the end, you are still left alone with yourself. My guess is the picture you have of yourself at that point isn’t very pretty either. You are left feeling worthless and really tear yourself down. So then you go shopping and spend money you don’t have in order to feel better.

In Proverbs 14:1, the Bible tells us a wise woman builds up her house, while a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands. A woman who lives by the current trends of this world will only abuse herself even further. With her own hands, she will pull out that credit card and overpay for items she doesn’t need. With her own hands, she will make herself look provocative in order to seduce an unsuspecting soul. With her own hands, she will stuff herself with unhealthy foods.

The question is, are you a wise woman or a foolish one? Are you living in a way that builds you up or are you tearing yourself down with your own hands? You can assess yourself, by watching what you do with your own hands. Keep a daily log for a week or perhaps even a month. How many times did you use a credit card unnecessarily for only wants instead of needs? How many bills could you not pay? How many snacks did you eat? How much money did you put in a vending machine for snacks or sodas? How many times did you primp in front of a mirror with your makeup and hair? How many dates did you go on and didn’t have sex? How many dates did you go on for only the sex? Write beside each item you purchased weather it was a need or want. Then check yes or no, if it built you up or tore you down as a person. The next step is to begin the purging process. This is the part that hurts a little, but it will leave you feeling better about yourself in the long run. Good luck learning to be a wise woman and have a much happier New Year!


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